My Cute Choc using Beryl'S chocolate brand which seems comparable to the famous chocolate market and most important as it is HALAL.

Prices depend on the type of chocolate is chocolate that is used, @ ganache filling (core) and also the box used.

Type of brown is real / couverture chocolate (Grade A) or compound chocolate. Real chocolate is chocolate that is 100% of the composition of cocoa, chocolate is brown while the compound resulting from a mixture of cocoa and vegetable oil. Real price of chocolate is more expensive than the compound chocolate.

We have many choices ..

  • Lollichoc
  • Oreo Choc
  • Praline Choc/Loose Choc



Wednesday, 4 April 2012

February Order

Salam random picture and order dr beloved customer2 mycute choc..sepanjang FEBRUARY..happy viewing ya..THANKS ALL  coz beri kepercayaan n full support !NEXT time leh ode lg..

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